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About Lisa 

Education and Training

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LF60164316) with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Child, Couple and Family Therapy from Antioch University Seattle. I have worked in private practice doing therapy since 2009, and worked in agency, school and home based settings before that.  


I specialize in issues pertaining to identity, sexuality and the relationships in our lives. I believe we have the right to make choices about our own bodies and the relationships that we choose. Having a place to talk through your thoughts about your sense of self, your relationships and how you want to live your life can be life saving and life changing. Society has a strong influence on us and how we live our lives, and truly being ourselves can be scary if it's not the 'norm'. But what gets me up in the morning is seeking my truth and living my life fully, connecting to those I love and being in my body with joyful presence. And I want to know who you are, and what would make life worth living for you! We are all on this journey together, no matter how separate we may feel or it may seem. 

Mindfulness / Body Based Therapy

I also specialize in combining Mindfulness based discussion into the therapeutic work. 

I practice Vipassana meditation, and use that to inform my work in all aspects.

I have learned the importance of bringing mindful presence and intention into each choice made in life. This allows us to slow down, be empowered and clear about what we want, who we are, and where we want our life to go. Here is another link on the benefits of meditation/mindfulness and therapy:


I am a Certified Professional Life Coach since 2003. I was certified by Academy for Coach Training and have used Coaching to help clients reach their desired goals and full potential. 


Before I entered the field of therapy, my background started in dentistry as a surgical assistant in a Periodontist office, then I took a dip into the corporate world selling Microsoft software licensing. By 27yrs old I took a job as a nanny helping to raise two amazing girls for a busy family, while I went back to school to get my graduate degree. It was not always clear in my mind that I would one day become a therapist, but it was never a doubt that I loved serving others on a deep and profound level. Talking about the big questions in life, including relationships, identity, sexuality, beliefs and meaning, as well as the practicalities of creating a balanced and fulfilling life. I love this work!

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